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BMW250 Isetta, 300 Isetta-Bubble car (4-wheeler)1955-1962
BMW600-Small car1957-1959
BMW700-Small car1959-1964
BMWi3(I01)Small car (electric)2013-____
BMW1-Series(E81, E82, E87, E88)Compact car2004-2014
BMW1-Series(F20, F21)Compact car2011-____
BMW2-Series(F22, F23, F87)Compact sport car2014-____
BMWNew Class 1602, 1802, 2002(Type 114, E6, E10, E20)Medium car1966-1975
BMW3-Series(E21)Medium car1975-1983
BMW3-Series, M3(E30)Medium car1982-1994
BMW3-Series, M3(E36)Medium car1990-2000
BMW3-Series, M3(E46)Medium car1998-2006
BMW3-Series, M3(E90, E91, E92, E93)Medium car2005-2013
BMW3-Series, M3(F30), 3 GT (F34)Medium car2012-____
BMW4-Series, M4(F32, F33, F36)Medium sport car2013-____
BMW3-Series, M3(G20)Medium car2018-____
BMWNew Class 1500, 1600, 1800, 2000(Type 115, 116, 118, 120, 121)Large car1962-1972
BMW5-Series(E12)Large car1972-1981
BMW5-Series, M5(E28)Large car1981-1988
BMW5-Series, M5(E34)Large car1988-1996
BMW5-Series, M5(E39)Large car1995-2004
BMW5-Series, M5(E60, E61)Large car2003-2011
BMW5-Series, M5(F10, F11), 5 GT (F07)Large car2009-____
BMW5-Series, M5(G30, G31), 6 GT (G32)Large car2017-____
BMWNew Six CS(E9)Large sport car1968-1975
BMW6-Series, M6(E24)Large sport car1976-1989
BMW8-Series(E31)Luxury sport car1989-1998
BMW6-Series, M6(E63, E64)Large sport car2003-2011
BMW6-Series, M6(F12, F13)Large sport car2011-____
BMW501, 502-Luxury car1952-1963
BMW503-Luxury sport car1956-1959
BMW3200 CS-Luxury sport car1962-1965
BMWNew Six(E3)Luxury car1968-1977
BMW7-Series(E23)Luxury car1977-1986
BMW7-Series(E32)Luxury car1986-1994
BMW7-Series(E38)Luxury car1994-2001
BMW7-Series(E65, E66)Luxury car2001-2008
BMW7-Series(F01, F02)Luxury car2008-2015
BMW7-Series(G10, G11)Luxury car2015-____
BMWZ1(E30)Sport compact / roadster car1989-1991
BMWZ3, M(E36)Sport compact / roadster car1996-2002
BMWZ4(E85, E86)Sport compact / roadster car2002-2008
BMWZ4(E89)Sport compact / roadster car2009-____
BMW507-Sport car1956-1959
BMWM1(E26)Sport car1978-1981
BMWZ8(E52)Sport car1999-2003
BMWi8(I12)Sport car (hybrid)2013-____
BMWX1(E84)Compact SUV2009-2015
BMWX1(F48)Compact SUV2015-____
BMWX3(E83)Medium SUV2003-2010
BMWX3(F25)Medium SUV2010-2017
BMWX3(G01)Medium SUV2017-____
BMWX4(F26)Medium crossover2014-____
BMWX5(E53)Large SUV1999-2006
BMWX5(E70)Large SUV2006-2013
BMWX5(F15, F85)Large SUV2013-____
BMWX6(E71, E72)Large crossover2008-2014
BMWX6(F16, F86)Large crossover2014-____
BMWX7?Luxury SUV2018-____
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